Friday, May 30, 2014

Quiet time, gentle living

It's been a sad, gentle time of it here - as I've been taking things quietly and spending a lot of time right here in my favourite spot, the kitchen/dining room where I tend to do most of my writing, reading, planning, working and studying… plus a lot of thinking and remembering my wee mum.

Usually the dogs are sitting right there on their bed curled up into each other - but they have just dashed off to chase a pesky bird that swooped into the garden!!!  They have been a constant source of company and each day we are thankful we still have Woody with us - that has been the miracle of the year - even our vet can't believe he survived his illness.

Endless cups of tea have been sipped here - some work done, study completed - I'n nearly done with the course - only a few modules to go so the end is in sight.

We have decided on a whim to take off to the States for a break in the school holidays coming up.  We are all well overdue for a major break and are in much need of a complete change from the year we have endured so far.

I'm getting quietly excited about our trip - it involves visiting a much-missed friend who upped sticks and moved to Cleveland - I cannot wait to see her and her fam-damily!

I better get some work done and trip planning organised - we are so lastminutedotcom with these sorts of trips - which makes it all the more exciting in many respects - but the list of chores-to-do is huge.  Best I get stuck in.

First, I'll head off to yoga - I need some gentle namaste to get into the day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Autumn and winter in Sydney

It never ceases to amaze me just how divine the autumn and winter is in Sydney.  Crisp starts to the day often translate into beautifully sunny days, with a warm glow and the temperature is not too chilly.  It can still be quite balmy.

Bondi Beach first thing in the morning is so gorgeous - the best time to walk the hounds with hardly anyone on the beach, which is a rarity and not how you see it during the long summer months. Autumn and winter are my favourite times to be down at the beach for these very reasons.  This year particularly I have been down here a lot.  Walking, thinking, missing my wee mum, taking solace in just how beautiful and calming the beach is.

Meanwhile, the harbour view is just as gorgeous.  This is where we wandered later the same day - along the foreshore of Double Bay - where a lovely friend (Woody, Sooki and Monty's stand-in 'mother'/friend and carer) is lucky enough to live.  We've spent many hours sitting out on the grass watching the sun go down while sipping wine and solving the problems of the world!

It never ceases to amaze me just now beautiful Sydney is.  While it can be busy, loud and madcap, there are so many places where you can escape away to and just be.  Being on the coast, the water views are breath-taking - so many gorgeous places where you can escape away to and wallow away the time.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is get out early with the hounds to watch the sun rise up - the promise of a new, better day.

How beautiful was this one recently at Bondi Beach? Stunning.