Friday, May 30, 2014

Quiet time, gentle living

It's been a sad, gentle time of it here - as I've been taking things quietly and spending a lot of time right here in my favourite spot, the kitchen/dining room where I tend to do most of my writing, reading, planning, working and studying… plus a lot of thinking and remembering my wee mum.

Usually the dogs are sitting right there on their bed curled up into each other - but they have just dashed off to chase a pesky bird that swooped into the garden!!!  They have been a constant source of company and each day we are thankful we still have Woody with us - that has been the miracle of the year - even our vet can't believe he survived his illness.

Endless cups of tea have been sipped here - some work done, study completed - I'n nearly done with the course - only a few modules to go so the end is in sight.

We have decided on a whim to take off to the States for a break in the school holidays coming up.  We are all well overdue for a major break and are in much need of a complete change from the year we have endured so far.

I'm getting quietly excited about our trip - it involves visiting a much-missed friend who upped sticks and moved to Cleveland - I cannot wait to see her and her fam-damily!

I better get some work done and trip planning organised - we are so lastminutedotcom with these sorts of trips - which makes it all the more exciting in many respects - but the list of chores-to-do is huge.  Best I get stuck in.

First, I'll head off to yoga - I need some gentle namaste to get into the day!