Monday, November 24, 2014

Omori, Lake Taupo

How stunning is this view?  Lake Taupo from Omori - the opposite side to Taupo.

It's god's country in every sense of the description.

Very special friends of ours live here and we have stayed with them several times over the years - and each time it takes my breath away just how truly, madly, deeply I love this part of NZ.

We were over visiting them to celebrate Rat (Russell's) 70th birthday.  Can you believe this darling man is 70?  Doesn't look a day over 60.  What a party it was too - a gathering of special people to celebrate this very special man (Monty's fairy godfather) and his gorgeous wife Lizzie.

He is a gifted musician amongst other things and while we all enjoyed the most amazing dinner overlooking lake at Waihi, he joined the band and played the sax well into the evening.

Judging by his energy and form, 70 is the new 50!  Happy birthday Rat - we need to get back over and see you both again soon - you love in a special slice of heaven for sure!!!!

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