Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sssssh - I'm hibernating

Ok, it's been pretty quiet around here lately - I know.  Since getting back from holiday (it was lovely thanks - we had a great time away) I have been head down buried in work and it has not let up one minute.

We finally signed off on a huge project that was eating up most of my time this week and I am shaking from sheer exhaustion. Literally.  

So, no surprises here, the plan for this weekend is pretty much spending as much time as possible lazying about.  Catching up on some sleep to start with.

Then maybe a bit of gentle swaying while reading something that doesn't involve work, of any sort, at all.  Nada.

I'll then wander on over to join Moo on the couch for a movie - he is laid up with another twisted ankle, poor love, so the couch is his friend, as is a packet of icy peas and some TLC from Nurse Budge.  Woo has had to move off from his favourite spot and is trying to be gracious about it but I can tell that pooch is none too happy and is trying to work out how to re-claim his territory.

Good luck old boy.

And this afternoon, if the mood takes me, I might just wander back upstairs to climb right on back into bed.  I am a big fan of the Nana Nap (siesta if you feel a tad European).  There is nothing better than curling up with a book and cuppa then having a good old snooze. Perfect (and probably compulsory) for a strung out insomniac such as myself!

zzzzzzz   xx

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