Friday, September 28, 2012

Bali bliss

Relaxing by the pool, looking out at this view each day was hard. (No-one ever said!).

Talk about the most chillaxing place to just be in and for stress and worry to melt away.

Our hotel was amazing - the chef came out to see us each morning at breakfast to ask what gf food we'd like to try that day.  He had three types of gf pancakes for Monts to try on our first morning as he wanted to perfect them!  Monts was in heaven and so were we as it makes the world of difference when people make a fuss over a child with allergies - it made it so easy to eat without any worry and Monts got to feast on treats that many places don't make gf.

Luckily there were two other families staying nearby who we knew from Sydney and Monty's school so we all had pals to hang with during the day and over dinner at night.  We ate at some amazing places throughout the area we all stayed in with them all - you are definitely spoilt for foodie choice in Bali.

We hired a driver and headed up to Ubud for a day.  It's such a contrasting landscape up there - the rice paddy fields are breathtakingly beautiful.

Monts got his elephant ride and we had monkeys climb all over us - hysterical!  

All up - what a great holiday - we had a ball and came back super relaxed.

Meanwhile Woody was pampered beyond and back - a huge thanks to Kelly, who adores him and probably spoilt him rotten, day in, day out.  

She soon found out he is a creature of habit - he heads to bed when I do - and as i rise so early - I am not a night owl.  She is the complete opposite to me so had the death stare and glare from him several times when he thought it was time to nod off.  

Apparently he would potter off to his bed then come back out and give her the full glare!  Too funny - he is his own hound that's for sure!

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