Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crostini with goats curd and black olive tapenade

I've just come back from a divine baby shower for our friends Emma and (Boy) Jos who are set to have a little boy in two month's time (can't wait - love newborns to bits!).

Anyhow, as part of my food offering I decided to whip up some gf crostini with goats cheese and homemade black olive tapenade - as you do on a gorgeous spring morning.  

This is the easiest nibblie to whip up and fresh tapenade is hand on heart, best ever. You'll never buy store-bought no matter how good it is after making your own.  True.  Full stop.  No arguing here thanks.

So this one is a doodle and man - when sitting in the jar before plating up - you have to walk away and not get the spoon out to test, every so often.  It's a good thing B isn't a fan of anything olive related, so it was a safe bet while resting in the fridge this am.

Onto the nuts and bolts.

All you need is some pitted black olives, garlic, juice of half a lemon, about 2-3 tablespoons of the best quality oliver oil you can get your mitts on, a scattering of capers and about a tablespoon of fresh thyme.

Fling them all into a whizzer and give it a blast. Whizz until it looks like a paste but not mush and you are done. Taste for seasoning and add some salt and pepper if you like and more olive oil if you like it on the moister side.

Pop into a jar and keep it in the fridge until you're ready. (It'll stay true to form for up to two weeks here.)

When ready to plate up - be prepared - it's pure rocket science to the core. Place a dollop of goats curd on your crostini and spread it out, drop in a spoonful of tapenade and drizzle in some thyme.

Perfecto.  You'll need to sample a few along the way to check for flavour, zing and general joie de vivre.  (It'd be rude not to.)

Easy as but ohhhhh so yummy. These could well be my new favourite breakfast alternative. 

(OK - weird perhaps for some but I'm not into anything sweet especially in the morning - so the more savoury anytime of day works for me!)  These work!  Enjoy.

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