Friday, January 25, 2013

Doggie tales

Usually when I creep downstairs early to have that first words can't describe how good it is cup of tea for the day, Woody is right on my heels, following me down, only to collapse at my feet and snore off into some sort of doggie bliss.

Say goodbye to the lazy life, my friend.

A month on from that day we fell truly, madly, deeply for Miss Sooki (Soukeeee) and life has changed as we knew it.

There is a whole lot more action around these parts. She completely 100% adores her big brother and her favourite thing to do is follow him about, copying his every action and she wrestles him to the moon and back.  (They're doing it now).  And the good news is he has had a change of faith.  In those early days he left the room or headed for the hills if she came near him.  Now he goes looking for her as soon as he is up and he appears to be rather fond of her - although - typical male - he plays his cards close to his chest most days.

(Note to self - so ironic for me that she stalks him so stealthily considering he stalks me 24/7.  Make that 25/8 - he stalks me in his sleep I reckon.  The flip side to Sooki being smitten is that as soon as I move - I now have two fluffy body guards on heel.  Nothing beats coming out of the bathroom door and falling over them both!  Dang dogs.)

Back to doggie life - Woody's napping days are over - they wrestle the day away and then both collapse after their dinner - snoozing from sheer exhaustion.  It's hysterical.  It also means Woody no longer prowls around at night - he is one pooched pooch and snores a good eight hours.  She often sleeps with her paws over her eyes - perhaps she needs an eye mask as all princesses do?!

Our past month has been fairly low key - a lot of lazying about in paradise in the heat that soared beyond any temperature i can ever remember.  Keeping the dogs in check - and we had three as we were looking after Raffles who I am convinced was working under cover and really was Scooby Doo (the name sticks).  The three pooches had a ball - the trio wrestling was a sight to see considering Scooby was three times their size.  

We're back up in the city now as Moo has returned to school - and that's a whole new story - a new school so some big changes afoot but it all seems fine so far - he even plans on doing homework this am - and it's Sunday - wonder if he'll remember last's night's declaration when he stumbles down?!!!!!

As for me - today I plan on teaching Sooki how to walk like a real dog on leash.  She's pretty good as it is - but then has a hat trick of grabbing Woody's one near his neck and pulling him up the street while he tries to put the brakes on.  She gets him in a neck lock and tugs her heart out.  And she doesn't let go without a fight.

Poor Woody - looks as if she is going to be a bossy one - he is so used to being loved and adored and now this tyrant has entered his realm.  We might have to build him a man cave - he's going to need it!

Still - how could you not adore that little face?  She is pretty damn cute.  Smitten?  We all are, even Woodster in his own way.

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