Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

We had some fun today!!!  As we were up in the city and not down in paradise this weekend, Moo was up for the Havaiana Challenge at Bondi Beach (where you purchase a giant inflatable havaiana and take to the water to try and beat the record for the most bodies on floaties linked up out on the water.  Bondi missed out on the record by a few bodies but bet it's own record - so all was good in the beach world.)

Bondi was a sea of people, bands, and of course giant yellow and green inflatables - it was hysterical!

We stayed on the beach for a few hours with friends then wandered off to the obligatory mecca for all things frozen yoghurt - Twisted - Moo's favourite place in the world hand's-down (for the moment).

Salted caramel frozen yoghurt with baby M&Ms on top pretty much rocked his socks.  (Did it for me too when I begged for a taste).

Then we ventured home to sort out the doggies and to pretend we were staying to play (sorry dogs - we had a bbq to go to - at Scooby Doo's house).

Scooby was beyond excited to see us - she clearly remembered her weeks in paradise and wondered where the treats were?  Also her pint sized wrestling mates - she kept sniffing about to see if they had come as well.  Sorry Scooby - their dance card was full!!!!

(We will have to organise a play date for them all again sometime soon....maybe....they all go mad - i need to take some multi-vitamins to gear myself up for it!)

I have woken up to a very odd - and not often heard sound this summer - rain!  Thank you God - it is so much cooler and so incredibly divine to hear the pitter patter of big fat thirsty droplets falling outside.

I think I might potter about home today and then re-discover that old friend of ours down the road - the Verona Cinema.  We have a list an arm's length long of films we want to see - so might as well get stuck into crossing some of them off.  It'd be rude not to.

Enjoy the weekend - we plan to!

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