Friday, February 22, 2013

A labour of love

The fruit of last year's major labour has finally arrived!

Yes, that's her - Cuisine du Coeur - featuring nearly 400 pages of delicious recipes, photos and anecdotes.  Truth be told - after all that work, blood, sweat, tears and loud snorting laughs, it seems weird having a copy in my hands after all those hours toiling away editing and agonising over every last detail.

Here's a cute pic of Monty tucking into some divine mango sorbet. He had a ball on the photo shoot - as did Georgina's and Bree's kids. It was a good thing they are all so divine and got along so well - the six of them spent many hours together after school as we got closer to the wire and had to put in so many extra hours proofing, editing and re-designing the pages.

It was a pretty amazing project to work on. We learnt a lot and each of us fell into our beds from sheer exhaustion at the end of most days.

(Another) truth be told, it took up many many, many more hours than I ever thought.  We all disappeared from life as we knew it for most of 2012 but it was also a lot of fun with great snorting laughs along the way.  The core group of us are a tight little team.  Battle weary sure but tight - and that says a lot - these projects can ruin friendships.

Here we are - Georgina, Bree and I with our gorgeous pressies at the cookbook launch - and we were even smiling (thanks to the bubbles before the photos...hic).

And for the record,  Nope. Nada. No way jose. We have no intention of working on a sequel or on another cookbook for a very long time.  It's time to get back into the lives we previously had and maybe/actually start cooking again.  We have some new recipes to put through their paces!

Bon appetit!

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