Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bliss in Paradise

Three days straight gardening down in Paradise and I am one pooped Jossie.

So are the dogs.

B has headed back to the city to work while the dogs and I are staying until next Friday.  Friday - a whole week in Paradise!

Moo has gone off to boot camp for a week so I'll head up to the city to meet him off the bus then we'll turn around and head on straight back down for two more weeks sifting quietly in the country.

It's been so divine here and now that it is a bit cooler we have been busy in the garden to catch up from a severe lack of effort due to the hottest summer ever and the enticement of hammocks and the Christmas stash of books to work our way through.

Two days of pulling ivy out (it's wildy rampant) and even the dogs were pooped.  (Not that they helped - they just darted about chasing one another 24/7. If only I could train them to dart back to the house and whip up a much needed pot of tea!).

How funny are the two partners in crime last night?  Woody was snoozing vertically on a cushion - he couldn't be bothered moving to get more comfy. (Hard to see in this shot - but he was pretty much butt down head up!).  Even when I got up to re-acqaint myself with the kitchen he couldn't find the effort to follow me.

Big call for the white stalker. Usually he is right on my heel, following me close behind  Sooki was comatose - not a murmur from her until we all headed to bed.

I took a break from the garden this morning and headed into town for supplies and a tipple of tea or 5 with a gorgeous friend who lives nearby.  We solved some world problems over that pot of tea let me tell you!  Add in some yoga afterwards to stretch out some crinkly muscles - ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Namaste xxx

About that pot of tea Woody?