Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet Blossom

How divine is my birthday present?  I adore her and have called her Blossom as I love listening to Blossom Dearie while working and the name seemed perfect for such a gorgeous girl.

We've been out for a spin around Centennial Park first thing - and she was very well behaved!  Blossom is going to make me a very happy cyclist - as long as I stay out of the way of road ragers.

Part of me wonders if she should really move down to the country as she'd be perfect for riding down the country lanes and it would make sense to bring my not-nearly-as-gorgeous Trek mountain bike up for city riding.   For the next few weeks I think she needs to stay close by so we can go for city spins as often as possible.  Perhaps she will relocate when we are down in Exeter for the summer break?

We tried Sooki in the basket but she was not impressed with the concept one iota!!!!  Fair enough.  She can stay grounded!

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