Friday, December 6, 2013

Where has the year gone?!!!!!

Oppps….. I seemed to have stopped playing about with this blog.

Not quite sure why as I was enjoying blogging and friends asked about the hibernating snoooooore that became terminal over here?????

Life got busy I guess with very little time to do much else but get on with living this past year….

Highlights since April in a nutshell - we stumbled across and bought an amazing place in Woollahra just after my last post and then spent most of the year working on the move - due to the longest settlement in the history of property.  We moved in finally late October - after doing some minor renovations on the place and we LOVE our new digs. The house and garden exude a very zen energy which we adore.  (Yes another garden to add to the large ramble down at Paradise - this one is a lot easier to manage thank the lord!).

The dogs love to dart about the book stash here - they run about for ages and then fall over in a heap - best exercise ever!

The kitchen has been my favourite place to hang out, as always, and I have whipped up some culinary gf magic here.  Thelma the Thermie and Ken the Kenwood have helped a lot in our adventures!

The pooches have settled in and have been super relaxed in their new abode - long may that continue!

On top of getting ready for the move and making changes at the new house, I decided to add some study into the mix and started in July with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  It is a part time course that you complete online as well as having coaching calls with a small group of students.  It covers a whole range of different nutritional theories so is right up my alley.  I graduate in July 2014.

I have been loving the course and have met some amazing people through it - which has been an added bonus. Some live here, some in NZ and a lot in the US - so it definitely has an international flavour to it!

And in between study, freelancing, life and all that stuff we have taken any slim chance we have had to pack up the car and head back down to Paradise…..

It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful Exeter and the surrounding areas are - not to mention the Old Nursery - we have been so lucky to discover this slice of heaven.

The air is so clear and crisp down there - as soon as you get to the gate you feel life's stresses melt away and you can't help but relax … and then face the ivy, periwinkle and forgetmenots.

Hard to forget them when they multiple rampantly throughout the place, along with the rabbits, possums and wombats.  I won't mention the snakes - too much for some to handle!  At least they stay away and leave the dogs alone - the seem more scared of them which is hysterical as Woody and Sooki don't do scary well - both too cute for that caper.