Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woody Woo

We've had a horrendous Christmas and start to 2014 sadly.

Poor Woody is very, very ill.   He collapsed at the end of Dec and has been living at the vets since then.  We bring him home at night as he needs constant care to be carried to go anywhere or to eat or drink as he is so weak.  So far he has had six blood transfusions to try and get his protein levels up as they are dangerously low.

The poor pooch is miserable - and so is Sooki - she has gone into a depressive decline without her brother by her side.  She won't come out of Monty's bathroom when Woody isn't here and is too scared to go for a walk without him.  Poor little love. She's allowed to sleep on Monty's bed at night since Woody is downstairs with me keeping an eagle eye on him during the night,  She comes down in the morning and gives him a little peck on his nose - it is so sweet.  She knows things are bad and is being gentle - a first for her as she is still so puppyish.

As for us - we are all basket cases.  The idea that we could lose him is too much to bear.  The vet has called in a specialist who thinks he could have an autoimmune disease that is destroying his gut.  Poor thing.  We are starting him on serious meds to see if they can help stop the decline and help heal his gut.

Fingers and toes are crossed.

(Footnote - the meds worked!  Woody has made a dramatic recovery - and has put on some weight and since April he has been up for going for long walks again.  He is on meds for life which is a small price to pay as he is with us - and healthy again.  As for Sooki - she has made a dramatic return to being seriously cute and naughty at the same time!!!  She remains his partner in crime and best friend and sticks to him like glue. Super glue in fact.   She has also taken a turn for the worse when out walking as she growls at any dog that even looks at Woody - she's super protective but it is a tad embarrassing when she makes a major fuss - and a worry when it's a massive dog she's taking on.  Woody and I are not too happy with this turn of events.  Hopefully she'll settle down!  So a ray of sunshine in a pretty grey cloud that has been 2014 so far sadly).