Sunday, June 28, 2015


These two clowns are bffs.  They've known one another since they were in Prep together, aged 4 years old and over the years they have hung together, despite CJ changing schools during primary school. now they are back together again at senior school and they spend a lot of time together.

It helps that their parents are bffs of ours too - funny that!.

Remember Miss Mary?  Yep - CJ's mother!

CJ is hanging with us during the winter break - and we celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday while his wayward parents carried on celebrating her birthday ... in Turkey ... lucky ducks.

CJ is my other son from another mother and father - and pretty much is our first born as Moo came later. (Sorry Moo - but it is what it is)!!!

We went over to Bendooley Estate for lunch yesterday to celebrate Js big day and then later that afternoon they set up their cave in the snug, ready for their marathon watching of House of Thrones.

They are still in there now - it's been a v quiet day here for me today - I've been baking and gardening and am about to get some writing done for a client.

I was looking through pics and found these of the two besties - they have had some fun together over the years.

Happy birthday CJ - can't wait to see what else you do with your life.

ANZAC Day 2013- themed cake baking which took years off my life watching them create it
- but man they did a fantastic job of this beauty!

Wood whittling April 2011 - no idea what they ended up doing with their tools but they had a ball dong this.
Shame about my kitchen knives!

Easter Show 2011 - Mary and I found the champagne and prawn bar and
were beaming happy like these two!!!!  I even bagged the prawn scraps so I could make stock later -
poor chap thought I was a breath of fresh air (OK) deluded!

Pearl Beach just after Easter 2010.  A week of hilarity complete with daily surfing up at Avoca.

While they surfed what were we to do but have a smart lunch, each and every day we were there?!
Would have been terribly rude not to.  April 2010 - fun times!

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