Monday, June 22, 2015

Winter in Paradise

This time last year we were over in the US spending time with friends in Chicago, The Hamptons, NYC, Cleveland and Laguna Beach.  What a fantastic holiday that was.

This year?  Exeter - and I couldn't be happier.  I love being down here anytime of the year but for some reason this late autumn/winter is even more special - the weather has been stunning so far.

Long days of winter sun and as much time as we like to potter in the garden - getting jobs down ready for spring madness.

Moo has been helping on the big jobs too, which makes it far more enjoyable when pottering about.

We spent half a day clearing a mass of weeds that had morphed out of control in the south garden nearest the gate. There is no doubt about it - there is nothing more satisfying than pulling weeds as you see all your hard work coming to fruition so quickly.  As soon as we had cleared the area Moo got to work lugging bark chips over and spreading them throughout the existing lavender, buddleias, hydrangeas and snow flakes.

Haha - one pic of me doing the last load as Moo collapsed in a heap off camera in exhaustion - he had worked hard!  The whole garden looks so much better now - tidy and happy nestled in the bark chips.

Now I am off down to the bottom meadow to lift a whole bunch of violets that are growing wildly all about the meadow as they'll be so much happier nestled up here.
I wonder if I can convince Moo to help?!

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