Saturday, June 30, 2012

Veggie Lust

Moo, Woo and I have been in country paradise for a week now - while B has worked his heart (butt) out in the city and up north, and because we decided we could and would, we have had a week of eating almost zip meat in any shape or form.  (One transgression only for all the right reasons.)

I put together a little menu plan for the week (sooooooo not my style - usually I cook at whim - but I decided to be grown up about it so I could acquire all the yummy veggies we needed from lovely Jim at his Sutton Forest fruit and veggie market on Sunday - best produce around, ever!).

So, what have we eaten over a series of lunches and dinners pray tell?
  • Pumpkin, spinach and sage risotto - an all-time favourite here at the Palazzo
  • Spinach gnocchi with a puttanesca sauce - a new all-time favourite and that's a big statement
  • Creamy baked polenta with roast veggies atop (Moo not too keen on that caper, so not making it anywhere near the all-time list, let me tell you)
  • Poached eggs atop a feta, spinach and mushroom fritter - a la Raw and Wild in Bowral - drop dead goodness!
  • Rumpledumps (roast veggies, mashed and creamed, with caramelised onions and baked cabbage - soooooo good - we love comfort food)
  • Veggie bake (layers of finely sliced veggies, with red onion, tomatoes and sharp cheddar, baked, with a crispy corn crumble atop - kind of veggie lasagne w/o the pasta - yumbo scrumbo)
All up ... a very successful meat-free week apart from a little trip to Bundanoon to check out the new menu at the pub (important 'research' trip for when B is back down and a night visit to the Winterfest celebrations is in order over in the village).

I couldn't say no to the scallop risotto and M gave a nod to a steak sandwich w/o the bread so I guess us gf peeps call that a steak solo?   Very yummy and no sign of the resident ghost (kid you not  - they have photos up - she lives in Room 11 upstairs!).

B got back down last night so we plan on breaking out and having shanks tonight - we bought them from our favourite local butcher the other day.  The boys will be on slow cooking duty as I was in bed all of yesterday, feeling lousy and under par.

NOTHING to do with the lack of meat I might quickly add to curb the comments of carnivores reading this.

Just that normal lark of flu circling around at this time of the year and bad luck on my part.  Another quiet day today and all will be good - especially if the boys take over the mothership (kitchen).

Long live health and more veggies - I plan on whipping up a whole bunch more meat-free treats over the next couple of weeks while we are lazying by the fire late afternoon.  Might even experiment with the polenta (huge shriek of nooooooooo from Moo echoes through the house!).

(Ohh and in case you are wondering Woo ate his usual dry food fiasco - no point upsetting the apple cart for the pooch - he is a creature of habit, tried and tested.  No idea what B feasted on - but he'll be sad he missed the polenta ... not ... at all!!!!)


  1. Your veggie lust sounds divine. Food perfection. Just the way I like it. Some very creative meals by you. See you soon x

  2. I tell you what...that menu of yours sounds delicious. You'll have to include recipes. I love polenta, but it's not a favourite with my boys either. Have a wonderful time up there in the highlands. Leahxx

  3. I was mystified that the child who can eat his body weight in mash was poo-faced about polenta - seems to be in the same camp if you ask me?!!!! Will try it again and disguise it with a new fabulous name - Highlands Mash?!!!!! Enjoy the coast Leah - it's just as lovely down there!