Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yoga lust

Ahhhhhh - finally it's that magic time I love most - school holidays!  Phew - it has been a huge term, yet again, and we are all had it - even Woody (god knows why - he sleeps his life away - but he is feigning exhaustion drama dog that he is).

Moo and I plan on doing a whole lot of this caper in the holidays down in paradise.  Thanks to my divine friend/almost sister Mary I've found the perfect yoga studio and have been doing a whole bunch of kundalini and naam yoga in the past few weeks.

I am hooked - it is the best yoga I have done in a long time.  It's challenging - some of the poses really push you to the limit (no I didn't cry but that was a little tear of exhaustion last Wed!).  Ther's nothing namby pamby about these two disciplines - they take you to the brink and make you really work your heart, butt and all other bits out.

I love it so much (big news) I am holding off zooming down to paradise this am as I want to go to an 11am class before I head off for three weeks. 

Now that's true namaste passion! 

Not only do I love everything about this new studio (they even have herbal tea brewing after each class - this place has my name on it!) BUT ...

... drumroll please ...  

I have slept like a baby in the past week.  

Shut the front door!  

Considering what a nightmare pathological insomniac I am (it's been going on for years) that sentence is a miracle!   I am walking on clouds, literally, this sleep business is bliss.

So, yes, I am signing up and chanting my little heart away while doing some of the hardest yoga ever - whatever it takes to feel amazing and ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!


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