Friday, June 8, 2012

Woody wooooooos

Man the time has flown - it has been very busy here at the Palazzo Josamina and down at The Old Nursery.  No time for posting - too busy gardening, (work) writing, as well as editing and testing a whole bunch of recipes (I'm editing and proofing a cookbook which means I am constantly ravenous while oohing and ahhhing over some gems.)  The repertoire this weekend will be a treat - all inspired by the last couple of weeks of cravings.

Thank the lord the holidays are just around the corner - I sooooooo need some down time!

Woody of course doesn't have a problem with relaxing - he is the King of all things lazy and couch-related.   When he does venture out, his favourite thing to do is pull me up the back lane to visit Ashleigh - Sydney's divine hairdresser to the stars (i.e. Moo and I).  And wow does she do a jolly good job! MeMe is the place to be if you want the best coiffeur in town!

She is one divine gal - and has quickly become a fast family friend to all of us.  Woody is very smitten and loves to pop in, chew the fat and bask in the sun in her studio.   (Don't worry Kelly - he still has room in his heart for you!).

In fact - he is a bit of a toy boy that pooch of ours - loves the ladies and has made a point of wooing as many as he can during our daily walks up and down Oxford Street.  He so knows which ones have treats in their stores and makes a bee line for them - and some have started to stock treats knowing he'll come calling.  And he does!

I have had to mix up our route to make sure he doesn't chub out too much on daily treats!!

Best he gets a good run around this long weekend down country.   Can't wait - it's a long weekend and we have a houseful of lovely friends - the fire will be roaring and the kitchen humming - bring it on!

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