Friday, April 20, 2012

Autumn hues

Couldn't resist - such a divine day down here - balmy and still doing that end of The Golden Weather thing - but the end isn't really in sight - so we are happy!

Moo and his friends are out in the garden playing, Woo and I have been sifting about doing some jobs and this beauty has been spinning up in the trees back lit by the most glorious leaves - look at the colours.  {Thanks Soph for hanging this child mgmt threat (not really - but just in case!)}.

We have popped into Bowral  at the crack of dawn for a quick shop this am (emergency supplies of dish-wash soon to be suds required) and they are about to soap up the trampoline and slip side the day away.  Perfect holiday action!

Bliss - and even better - no ablutions required - no weeding either under the trampoline - all sorted nicely!

And no - I have not had a nana nap yet - but Woody has snoozed all morning - so sleeping somewhere else tonight - hyper Wood is way too much for me!

Here's one last autumn pic - love the scrunch and crunch of the leaves.

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  1. Stocktake time at the shop where you buy that cheap detergent......shopkeeper is baffled and can't explain why his sales of detergent have gone through the roof over the last 18 months.....enter Jos and Monty! x