Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Foodie heaven [or hell] ... Chic treats

I can't for the life of me remember where I saw images like these recently - but I did - and I had deep recipe card lust/jealousy. (Apologies to the blogger who blogged about a similar set of cards - once I get my nose out of this box I'll take a gentle scroll through my history!).

I remember my mother's collection of these cards - and her old Edmonds' cook book too - a NZ staple that had full page spreads of the most divine birthday parties, dinner parties and the like.  My brothers and I would pour over these spreads choosing what we'd want at our special parties - jello in orange halves a def tick!

I was in a local junk shop yesterday and these little guys screamed out to me - big time - I couldn't pass them up and have been pouring over the cards ever since.  

Now, what to make?

The salad section looks perfectly inoffensive - and we'll be having a good looksie over these cards to see if we can add in some ideas to our 'pack in the good stuff and eat more salad and vege' challenge.  (Best dish so far - 10 veges - going to be hard to top it - but we are determined).  Back to the cards...

Not too sure if we'll do much with the cake section - absolutely nothing appeals here - but then again, I'm not that partial to cake.....show me something savoury and I'm your girl!  (But not deep fried, thanks, but no thanks).

Those snacks are hitting the retro dinner party button, big time - prawn cocktails here we come!  This could be fun!

The perfect section for down at The old Nursery - where cooking for a crowd is the norm.  Ohh yes, we could be very happy with these cards - they are beaming with promise.  And if it's a disaster ... hello Bundie pub, or the Sutto - dear friends.

And for those winter moments where it can get a bit dramatic in the country - this will be the perfect section to explore.  Teamed with a full bodied red and a bonfire in the background, it'll be high fives all around.

Shame for the guests that the dessert section looks truly dreadful - so bad I am not even uploading the pic.  I am not fussed anyway due to the disinterest in sweets.

Ok, ok stop whinging you sugar freaks  Here's one.  Just how tragic does this pav look - I can do sooooooo much better [yes, even though I am not into the sugar thing myself, I will whip up a modern day pav wonder when push comes to shove.


And when it comes to bad - it surely doesn't get any worse than this culinary beauty?  Lovely.  With or without boiled cabbage and pig's ears?  A crowd pleaser this one.  Who's coming for dinner tonight?!!!!

And never fear - I won't restrict this to the summer season - it can be on the menu 24/7 - just ask!


  1. Those recipe cards are pure gold. I remember them as a child also. Go the retro dinner party! I'll come.

  2. Even if brawn is on the menu? Chris would gag at that too surely?!!!!!!