Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy holidays

Woohoo - I'm packing up the car and getting ready to hit the road a bit later. School's (almost) out and we are heading down country.

I cannot wait. A quick trip into the big smoke of Bowral to stop off at Monty's favourite gf cafe of all time - Wild Food - where they whip up the best mushroom risotto ever and Moo swears by the gf hot cakes.

Even Woody approves as the chef always tosses him some of the local bacon - he gobbles it down in one gulp!

We are shattered after such a huge term - work has been beyond manic and Monts is done-in - camp, sports, rehearsals and performances for Wizard of Oz ...

Fatigued? Ohhhhh yes!

Easter will be a quiet affair - just us and Woody and lots of pottering in the garden and catching up with the country folk. B and our (Man Friday) Simon have a major building of a gate plan on the cards.

Moo and i are leaving them to it (avoiding jobs) and joining friends at the annual Burrawang Fair on Saturday. It is always a good time - a huge number of stalls, great food and great craft - heaven for a girl like me!

Join us if you are about....we'll be mooching about, finding local treats to fill the basket.

It'd be rude not to make a day of it wouldn't it ?

We'll slip back home just in time to head to the Exeter Studio for a slap up dinner.

Yum! What are you up to over Easter?

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