Friday, April 20, 2012

Byron Bliss

We are just back from the most divine getaway to Byron with friends.  Must say - Byron is one of those places where you simply cannot be sad or grumpy. Ohh nooo. It is truly beautiful and the atmosphere is so chilled with relaxed, happy people everywhere.  It's the only place I know where you leave a store and hear someone say 'blessings' or 'peace'!!  (Ok - not everyone is so hippy trippy - but it's definitely all about health and happiness in Byron!)

It also boasts some of the best places around to eat.  (And, I must say, while I love to potter about the kitchen and cook - it was heaven not to cook at all while away.  It was also heaven to know we were spoilt for gf choices as they take healthy food and eating seriously in Byron).  

A stand-out, must visit on the list is always Harvest Cafe up in the hinterland - it is our mecca whenever we are in the area.  We go for a potter around super cute Bangalow which includes a mandatory shop at Island Luxe (the most divine, eclectic collection of clothes, accessories and wot not).  Chi-ching goes the credit card.  

Then off to Harvest, knowing we'll eat like royalty.  It's in a tiny little village called Newrybar and is the most charming eatery - we have had some memorable meals there in the past few years.  

(Talk about waddle waddle an hour later - we could hardly move for the rest of the day we were so piglety there!!!).  Such a shame it started to pelter down on our return to Byron as we really could have done with a walk up to the lighthouse and back and up again...and back...and!!!!!!

Another stand-out eatery was Cafe 111 which B and I popped to while waiting for his remedial massage appointment (poor chap put his neck and shoulder out somehow - carrying all the bags from sister store Island Luxe Tribe in Byron no doubt.  When that man is away from working life and finds a store he likes, he shops - with fever!  Makes me look like a mouse in comparison).

Anyway - I digress - waiting at 111, I had the best eggs - ever - on polenta with silver beet - omg they were divine.  Such super fab food. (We had thought about trying the Conscious Cafe but even I had to say no to mung bean pancakes - it didn't matter that they were gf - it was just wrong.  Boy, was B relieved when I suggested a quick dart across to 111 if we had time.  He was facing a challenging eating experience at the CC).

And the ginger and mint tea was not too shabby either - so refreshing - perfect for a day ahead of lazying about and sifting around the bay.

Top Shop was another winner - Moo would live there if he could - the gf bread and buns they toast up are beyond sublime.  Far better than the nasty gluten ones according to Juliet, who did a taste test.  Moo was in heaven, excited that he could eat like a 'real' person (his words).  Felt a bit sad about that - am so used to the gf caper now I forget it is much harder when you are a sprog/tween.

Back to country-base now for another week of school hols, a bit of real work and a huge dose of garden toil.  We're facing a weekend ahead of hard yards in the garden, trying to re-grade the driveway before the next big rain (it was gushed away in a huge deluge a few weeks ago and is looking very sad and in need of repair!).   Ohh dear.

And a bit of extra love and attention will be given to this little guy.  (Ohh so cute.)  He has been having a massive sleep over with gorgeous Kelly while we scarpered (thanks Kel).  He had a divine time with her - it was hit and miss if we'd get him back as she has been smitten.  Man - has he been excited to see us though.  Mr Hyper ever since - manic as anything and darting about - pretty much up all night playing and being excited to be in the country.  He has finally fallen asleep from exhaustion and is snoring his little head off.  Thanks Woody - I do believe a much needed nana nap around 8am is on the cards for me!    


Snooooooooooore  Snuufffffle.

Enough already Woody or it's the dog box for you.  Kelly?  Want the hound back?!!!! 


  1. Oooohh, I am so jealous. I love holidaying at Byron Bay. I, too love the Harvest, at Newrybar. I am going to try and plan a holiday up there this winter. Your time away sounds just divine. Have a great weekend in the garden. Leahx

  2. It is heaven on a stick isn't it? I always come away feeling so relaxed and at one with my navel. i'll send you my bucket list of cafes etc - we got to most of them! So deserve to be the size of a horse - but am working it off - this weather is magical - perfect for gardening. Have a lovely weekend yourself Leah!!!!!

  3. Aaaaaah Byron, a special kind of wonderful. In my top 5. And I too have Island Luxe lust xx