Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy (F)easter

Phew - this Easter business is gruelling....we have slogged ourselves silly in the garden all day. Then again - we needed to do something to work off the chocolate feasting that we called breakfast...and morning tea...and lunch. Opps.  I don't even like chocolate - so what was that about?  Giving in to peer pressure at my age is beyond stupid.

I soon worked it off in the garden - slashing and pulling out a whole stack of bushes and trees that needed to go - they were choking the hellebores and wot not underneath from getting enough light.  Goodbye nasties, hello light and sky and another 'secret' path created to wandering through the garden even more pleasurable.

This beauty came to light - and I managed to find some eggs to pretty her up.  Isn't she perfect?  Must find a special place for her away from the possums so she lasts the distance down here.

The chaps got down and dusty working on the new gate - they could easily be getting ready for the next Swine Flu outbreak in this get up.  Work those poses chaps!

I was given a very special Easter treat.  B finally caved from the whining and wingeing and said I was allowed to take Mr John Deer for a spin.  He will regret giving in - Woody and I had a blast - and it's about time - we've had that thing for a year and a half now - but it has been B's toy.  He says he's going to give me a crash course in mowing tomorrow.  Duh - what?  Do I look like a gal who mows?  So slow learning that caper.  I'm onto him - he's not getting out of that job.  No way Jose!

Monts and I took a break from the slog and biked down to the Exeter General Store and I browsed books while he slurped a hot chocolate.  (I know, I know - he soooooo needed more chocolate - and it was too funny to see him fall off his bike twice on the way home buzzing from a sugar rush).  Sugar free Monday here we come!

We lay in the meadow and admired B's work - Woody took over as helper while we were gone but was pretty useless on the sander apparently.  He has a short attention span.

We managed to fit in some intense tree gazing - these are serious trees - they are over 100 years old so streeeeeetch way up to the sky and beyond.  You can lose yourself in thought just gazing up under the canopy.....if only the sander was a little quieter.   A major heart-felt apology to our neighbours for all the raucous behaviour - hopefully we'll be done tomorrow.  (Actually - the boys will be done - Woody and I have more adventures with Mr John Deer to go on!).

Look - isn't he hilarious - he's on stand-by to make sure B doesn't get his mitts on Mr JD - such a loyal little dog.  He definitely loves me most - sorry Moo but it is a fact.  Pure and simple.  That dog is smitten!

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