Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lovely (loooong) lunches...

How divine is this image? As soon as we bought The Old Nursery I started pinning images of how I wanted it to look and feel inside and out... and this was the first image I ever pinned.

It's all about the promise of good memories being made in our garden - with lots of friends sitting out around tables spending the afternoon enjoying great food and wine and enjoying one another's company.

How pretty is this image? There is something about being outdoors and styling and feasting - on a small or large scale ... it's restful and far more enjoyable than being inside. I love images of long lunch parties - they are a promise of good times to look forward to with people who make your heart sing.

This is gorgeous too...a perfect afternoon tea spot for the girls...and Woody Woo too (he's one of the girls after all!)

As we head into autumn I'm dreaming up plans for one or two mid-winterish lunches outdoors set not too close but close enough to a roaring bonfire. Toasted marshmallows will be the 'go to' dessert this autumn/winter!

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