Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A moment of silence

We've had yet another little guy take his last lap of the tank.

Harley (news to me they have names) was in permanent backstroke mode last night so Moo performed the rites (good thing he is at a catholic school - he had the prayer down pat).

Moo and Woo spent some time 'talking' about the good times the three of them had together (Woo just licked Moo's feet - as he does) and then the ceremonial wooooooosh of the flush signalled Harley taking his last dive.

Our track record is telling me it is time to quit while we are ahead ... but then what do we do with the fancy smancy tank B and Moo went and purchased at Xmas?

Can still hear myself saying 'just get a bigger bowl'. Not them - they came back with the porsche of all tanks - Moo's coercive way to make sure goldfish get to play a big part in our lives.

Sadly it is a short life the rate we are going - Harley is #4 in the school to depart.

Think once the others do their last laps I might fill it up with oyster shells and can it an art installation.

You can only live through so many of these ceremonies.

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