Monday, March 26, 2012

Places to while away the day...

Do you have a favourite, 'always have to sit there' place where you settle into at the end of the day?

I do.

Down in the country this is by far my all-time favourite sifting spot to relax into once I come inside from the garden.

It's the perfect place to put your feet up and get lost in a book. In winter the fire roars and it's one of the cosiest spots in the house.

For the boys, it's here - they take an end each and it's one of the rare times Woody leaves me side - for some reason he has dibs on this couch too - I don't blame him - it's a pretty good place to nestle into.

In summer you'll find me here - it's a cool corner that gets the late afternoon breeze and you can smell the jasmine wafting in through the french doors.

Of course, there is always the verandah - our wine corner which catches the late afternoon sun and then the sunset that comes down over the back meadow and trees.

And - when it's quiet time outside Woody and I pull up one of these - he always sits in the shadow of the lounger - shadow that he is!!!

See what I mean? Say hello to Woody Woo - my stalker shadow - he's never far behind!

It's a good thing he's got the cute factor sorted don't you think?

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  1. Hi there Jos, I had no idea you had a blog and have just come across it. You should have told me. I have just been reading through. Love hearing about your place in Exeter and it looks absolutely beautiful. A real retreat! Have a great weekend! Leahx