Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pooch lust

He's pretty cute isn't he? Will be three years in August since we rescued him from the pound - after a two year, no holding back campaign by Moo to wear us down and finally crook 'yes, ok, stop the 24/7 water torture, you can have a dog'. (Man - if he doesn't become a hostage negotiator later in life then there is something wrong.)

Tenacious? Able to fight the good game even when asleep (sleep talks - I kid you not) ... but I digress - this is an ode to Woo not Moo...

We often call him the shadow as he is always right on my heels. He becomes the stealth stalker when I feel hounded. It can get irritating - he's like a toddler with attachment issues. But despite that he is one cute little pooch. Never thought i'd be a dog lover - but there you go. Big love.

Moo is onto his next campaign - dog #2 - and he's coming at us with all guns blazing, taking no prisoners and is definitely not letting the word 'NO' get in the way of his big picture.

I've insisted he puts a zip on all dog talk for Lent - buying me four weeks of respite so I can work on my counter campaign. 'No' isn't cutting any mustard around here it seems.

Wish me luck. Pass the ear plugs!

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