Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Woohoo

Woody and I are up with the larks packing up the car so we can hit the road asap!!!!

We're off down to The Old Nursery for a long weekend - back on Monday. (B and Moo have city plans so are staying put).

I cannot wait to get there. It has been a couple of weeks since we were there as we have had loads on in the city. I'm so over the city and miss the garden and country air like nothing else.

The leaves are starting to turn so the colours will be rich and full of autumn promise - this is how things looked just after Easter last year - so beautiful.....

Two gfs are joining us later today so after the obligatory wine wander around the garden and down to the bottom meadow we are going to wander down the lane to the local eatery - The Exeter Studio.

I love that place - and they always have loads of great gf options so I'll be a very happy girl.

Have a great weekend - I plan to!!!!

psssst... Little update on Monday - the gfs had a very fine time on Saturday - I spent the morning pottering in the garden and once the gfs arrived we dressed up, had a little starter wine or two and then ventured off to the Exeter Studio where we had some fabulous food. Stand out dishes that sung.

The sunset was divine - it's such a pretty spot in the country.

Note to self - wear major heels when hanging with Alex! She shrimps me!!!! Ok, I am a shrimp - but this is ridiculous!


  1. i love all of your photos! i hope you have fun this weekend!

  2. Thanks Dania - fun dinner out last night and two days of gardening ahead! Plus some more snaps of the garden to upload! A lovely relaxing weekend.