Thursday, March 15, 2012

(Our) Old Nursery

(Our) Old Nursery in the Southern Highlands has captured our hearts, beyond belief.

It's our weekend and holiday time retreat (plus in a heart beat I'm there during the week when I can - hello homework centre and B doing the late pick up!).

Here, we take stock, working away n the garden and then we retreat to one of the verandahs or garden seats to sup some wine before a feast of local produce - every weekend there is a local farmer's market to visit and stock up on the very best of local home grown produce.

if friends are staying we often follow up with the likes of this renowned (clearly, obviously Kiwi) treat...the pav...

Down here even (maniac, obsessive white fluffster) Woody seems to have taken a degree in chilling 101!

It's an old bulb nursery that has been loved to bits and then some. The overall garden hasn't been too manicured or bullied into submission - there is a wildness and organic feeling about it that is charming.

For as far as your eye can see there are vistas and focal points to go explore.

And secret paths...

There are many surprise elements as well - a treasure trove for the kids (and adults) who come down to stay...

There's always something new to discover, particularly in spring as we have been toiling away to take out lots of under growth to let the light get into bulbs that have been experiencing a hiatus. (Ok - truth - I've directed a lot of this while B has done (most of) the hard graft - but hey - someone has to whip up those foodie feasts and it sure isn't going to be Mr 'tinned tuna on toast?' B!

Autumn heralds a burst of the most amazing colours - everywhere - the place is a sea of colours so brilliant and intense - it simply takes your breath away! Orange, crimson, scarlet, magneta - for as far as the eye can see.

By winter we are in bonfire, slow cooking and red wine mode.

Days are short and cold, the fires are roaring and we spend a lot of time hunkering down, sipping tea and enjoying a shiraz or two.

The house is full of friends and it is a time to finally put your feet up and be at one. It's a sleepy, gently cosy time with the promise of the burst of spring bulbs just around the corner.

And we always have the guard dog on duty to ward off wombats, snakes, possums and other furry friends that lurk about. That's the story Woody, lift your game Lucky!

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