Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend woohoo

In a few sweet hours this will (hopefully) be us on our way back down to the country - major doubt clouds are hovering over the plan - but I am crossing fingers and hoping it will all come together.

I've been missing getting down to the garden at E. Moo's rehearsals have cut into our cunning 'every weekend away' plans - but that all comes to an end in a couple of weeks and then we can get back into the country swing of things.

Before we do anything this morning I am popping into the Boutique Markets at Fox Studios (sorry, I refuse to call it the Entertainment Quarter as the place doesn't scream 'fun factor' in any shape or form, ever!)

I digress. The BM will change all that today. Full of Australia's most creative inspiring people - I am beyond excited to get there, see what's been created and meet some of the folk I have become cyber chums with. And there's a swag of them.

So, it's not all bad. And this time it'll be my fault if we don't get away - it'll depend on how caught up in craft world I get (and we know I like to talk plus the talking guru himself Moo is coming with me - he can talk to a tree that kid - so we'll be lucky to get away before they boot us out!!!!!)

Never to mind - Plan B today is the French Film Festival if we don't escape the big smoke.

It's a hard life isn't it?!!! There's def nothing nasty about this weekend!!!

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