Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Swoon

How exquisite is this beauty? I'm going to work out how to craft one up and then hang it outside the french doors off our bedroom in the garden.

And these are to swoon for. I adore birdcages and birds nests. Not sure what it is about them but am having quite a love affair with them and am building up a collection. I spied a huge one in the city I must have. Just need to knock a few $$ off the asking price as it is beyond greedy. I'll send in the hostage negotiator to wear the owner down! I'd say a half hour of his 'take no prisoners' banter will see her begging him to just take it and leave her in peace!

And I have developed a deep-set love for doilies - yes I know, very odd - but I'm outing myself here and now. And how about this for the Queen of all things doily? My heart stopped when I saw this and I am going to source this beauty and installing it amongst the gum trees at The Old Nursery.

Just some of the collection I am building up - but don't worry - they aren't strewn over the backs of chairs and on every surface we have - that would be truly tragic - and is probably why I loathed them when I was little. Such vile style!! I have a few plans to use mine in a crafty project or two - watch this space! Might even start a new trend?! Hmmmm - we'll see!

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