Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving these beauties

One is a recent (Xmas) esty purchase - the other a market acquisition, on Saturday, but both are from Ness @ Marley and Lockyer. Love them both and they are so happy to be back together again - plus there are some other Ness creations scattered about various places - I do love her work!

See check these out...

I did manage to drag myself away from the market and hit the road to head south to enjoy the peace and calm of The Old Nursery. (Our slice of country paradise which we adore in Exeter, NSW.)

There is nothing like driving into the property and stopping the car to just sit for a bit and take in the quiet and see what has bloomed in the garden while we have toiled in the city. It is the stuff of heaven.

You feel at one with the country and with this very special garden.

You relax, breathe the clear air and then ... #$#@, wot the?

Friggin weeds - why can't the rabbits and possums eat them rather than my herbs and other tasty green sprigs that they seem to prefer? Weeds are for eating too you know. It's proven. I read somewhere you can wilt the weeds down and eat them in a salad.

How about wilted sticky weed with honeysuckle, periwinkle and an ivy chaser! Eww. Ick. Barf....!

Have a good hard look at what's on your plate next time you sit down to the table down south - could be an interesting array of greens, served alongside fried wombat and rabbit stew.

Yumbo scrumbo!

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