Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sleepy Saturday...

It's raining out, B's away and Moo and I are feeling under par - he's exhausted and I was poorly yesterday and then up most of the night with Woo who is terrified of thunder.

He goes well and truly nuts and all you can do to calm him is hold him tight, poor pooch. He's out to the count and snoring as I write this - exhausted too after battling the demons!

Think a day of napping and quiet is just what we need.

If we rally we might do a bit of crafting and wrapping of presents - it's B's birthday next week so we are making plans. Moo likes to stretch it into birthday week - i don't stop him as i am a fan of to the birthday month myself - the boys get fed up with it by day 8 or so and ignore me! I don't mind - I carry on celebrating anyway. That's what friends and Woo are for after all! Happy weekend!

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